Your Smart Plant Companion

Dirt meets data with a sensor and app that will help you save time, help your plants thrive, and reconnect with nature. Your little green friend that will be with you every inch of the way.

Screenshot of Android App
Screenshot of iPhone App

Understand your plant

Remove the guesswork of plant care by knowing exactly when and how much to water, how much sun your plant needs and what temperatures it feels comfortable in

"All my plants are dead"

Plant killer

"I always forget to water my plants"

Plant neglecter

I just don' t know how to take care of my plants

Desperate plant parent

Smart plant care

Receive tailored recommendations into optimal growing methods so no plant of yours has to never suffer again

Connect with the green community

Connect to like minded individuals to share knowledge and experience and show off your plant pride

Learn how to grow your own food

Gain the gardening confidence to grow any fruits and vegetables right in the comfort of your living room

We know you don't want to be a plant killer, let us help you

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco